Wearable Collections & Movers Not Shakers

Moving and Recycling from Blue Barn Pictures, Inc. on Vimeo. We are super excited to announce the launch of our new collection program with our friends over at Movers Not Shakers. Together we hope to ease the burden of moving while adding a Eco-friendly element. No more rushing to the nearest thrift store, hauling 10 bags of unwanted clothing when you have 100 other things on your list to accomplish before the move. Simply put those bags aside as recyclable and we will handle the rest. Your clothes, textiles and shoes will be placed in a re-usable plastic bin and delivered to our facility in Movers Not Shakers’ biodiesel vehicles. Not only did your move just get easier, it also got a whole lot greener. As, if all this goodness wasn’t enough, the proceeds generated from this collaboration will be donated to a yet to be determined charity....

The Drop Spot Opens

Wearable Collections is very proud of our reach: servicing over 200 residential buildings, collecting at over 26 weekly greenmarkets, and hosting drives with hundreds of organizations annually.  No matter how creative we get with our hubs of collections, there was something our community seemed to crave and now we have opened it: The Drop Spot. Located at 180 W 9th st in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.  The Drop Spot is a storefront in which we have placed a chute in the front to accept your donations. The tentative hours of operation will be 8am – 8pm. The Drop Spot is a bin you can...

Fri 11.15 | Bring Your Shoes To Work Day!

We’re asking you to help us divert some of the 300million pairs of shoes that head to our landfills annually and give them new life. Bring Your Shoes To Work Day allows a variety of companies/entities to participate in recycling and environmentalism by simply encouraging their staff, students, guests to recycle their shoes.

Launching Walkable Collections Shoes Recycling

Exciting times here in Wearable land. We are launching Walkable Collections, a division of Wearable that is dedicated solely to your soles. We have always accepted your shoes and sneakers at Wearable and you can continue to recycle them as you always have. However, by creating a division dedicated just to shoes and sneakers, we are capable of keeping more footwear out of the landfills and on people’s feet. Of course, this also enables us to dedicate more funds to our amazing partners who have helped make Wearable Collections such a success.

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