2014 Greenmarket Expansion

As always, we are exploring more ways to bring our clothing recycling service to new areas. Bring your gently used clothing, shoes and textiles to these participating libraries that have recently joined the list of recycling locations.

Greenmarket Seasonal Schedule

Some of our greenmarkets are only seasonal. Here is the listing thanks to our friends at GrowNYC . If you need a pick up in an area that the market has shut down for the season, please email us at...

Drop Spot Happenings

We want to thank all of you who have come by to our new Drop Spot location to recycle your clothing, shoes and textiles. Together you were able to recycle 10,000 lbs of textiles at this one location in 2014. We will be rotating the charity and local organizations that benefit from the proceeds of these donations.

Home Pick-Ups for the Holiday Season

At Walkable Collections, the best way we can give is by receiving…your old clothes and shoes.  Although we thought it was clear, we get asked this question all the time: Do you do home pick-ups?  Let us answer with a loud and resounding YES!   We have trucks driving around the city daily and will try our best to accommodate your textile recycling demands. Now you can recycle clothes from home! Please keep in mind as an efficient company, both environmentally and economically, we have certain minimums we need to keep which can be found on our FAQ page.  If you can’t reach the minimum on your own, this could be a great time to engage your neighbors. They will be very thankful. To schedule a home pick up, email us at homepickup@wearablecollections.com...

Bring Your Shoes To Work – now through the holiday season.

Riding off the success of our Bring Your Shoe to Work Day campaign, we have decided to give the public what they have been asking for: an extension of the program through the holiday season.  One day just wasnt enough!  Give your colleagues a chance to clean their closet and be part of the giving so others can receive. It’s super easy- all you need to participate is to print and place a flyer (provided below) next to a collection box in a convenient location and help get the word out to everyone. Walkable Collections can place a branded box as pictured here or you can use your own. Once the box is filled up, a pick up time will be scheduled during normal business hours. Link to print-ready flyer We accept all types of used shoes, sneakers and boots EXCEPT ski boots, roller-blades or singles, please! Walkable Collections is the shoe recycling division of Wearable Collections. If you’re outside of NYC, we will send you a shipping label, and cover the cost of freight! If your company would like to help with shipping costs – Please send your box(es) of shoes here. Who knew being philanthropic could be so easy! Check out some of the companies already involved! Any questions please email info@walkablecollections.com Walkable Collections is the shoe recycling division of Wearable...
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