3 Fashionable Ways To Be Eco-Friendly

Walkable Collections is a Brooklyn-based firm that collects used clothing and shoes in the New York City metro areas making weekly pickups at more than 200 apartment buildings, 26 greenmarkets and with dozens of schools, universities and office buildings.

Feet + Earth Day + a Simple Act of Green = ACTION

Earth Day planning is well underway all across the world. This international holiday, celebrated every year on April 22nd come rain or come shine or any other climate challenge thrown our way, is on its 44th year! I don’t know about you, but I think by now, as a seriously middle-aged cause, this catalyst of environmental derring-do would have become a way of life for us all. A cause celebre embraced by people of all ages that makes every day earth day. After all, I kind of like it here! Don’t you?

Earth Month 2014

If any of you are feeling the way we are, you still aren’t quite over the hand that this winter dealt us. But this is not a time to be bitter. This is a time to be optimistic and thankful. The spring is upon us and with that a reminder of all the goodness that mother nature provides.

Dorm Clean Outs

In our nearly decade of collecting used clothes, the one thing we can count on is the onslaught of clothing left on college campuses at the end of the year. We get it, we were university students that long time ago. The schools year’s over and summer is upon you, what do you need clothes for?

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